Balanc3 by Brythreesixty | Award Winning Zimbabwean Rapper Unveils His Debut Studio Album


Brythreesixty is not a new name, the 28-year-old rapper popped up on radars as a member of the crew Christhood in 2010-2014, currently a member of Yedu Entertainment. He began releasing mixtapes, singles, videos and he stayed heavy buzzing through 2013, releasing several tapes and EPs.

The unsigned rapper got 4 awards in his locker, and close to 20 Nominations all together since he started rapping and has managed to get a lot of attention via social media and the streets.

Released his first studio EP called “Th3rd Reanimation” in 2014, DVD Album in 2014 and 2 Successful Purple Mars 1 and 2 Mixtapes.

Now “Balanc3” his first album is released under GNiK Record which is his indie label. Balance is more of a life story album as most tracks are inspired by true events, its like an audio biography.

In this new project the star talks about him balancing his life, work, music, family, fans, friendships, school, relationships the list goes on.

“The more you try to focus on one thing in life the other will start to go down, more like a see-saw effect. Life knocks you with hardship, pressures, fights, one has to be a able to find his or her center of gravity and be able to find balance.” He explained to us.

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Packed with 17 super lit tracks the album is available for streaming on SoundCloud and available for download here.

You can enjoy all the tracks below.