Bahari Iwe Kavu by Linda | Soulful Trio Unveils A Swahili Rendition To Boyz II Men’s Hit Single

Call them the Queens of renditions, the Swahili princesses or anything you find fit but one thing for sure is that these three ladies can recreate memories and make you relive them like they just happened yesterday.

Unveiling their latest project dubbed “Bahari Iwe Kavu” a Swahili word meaning the ocean to be dry, a Swahili rendition to the all-time famous American boy band Boyz II Men’s hit single “Water Runs Dry”.

Producer by Wawesh Mjanja, the track is accompanied with stunning visuals shot by the talented Hassan Mandevu and edited by Qing Designs.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of this one, do you like it?

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