Award winning Sauti Sol faces the wrath of Kenyans on Twitter

They are well equipped and armed with enough data ammunition and shield themselves behind their smart phones and computer screen, call the K.O.T or better still Kenyans On Twitter… K.O.T have built a name for themselves around the globe for being ready to fire hash-tag missiles to anyone who dares does anything wrong to their judgment, now whether it is a good activism or just mockery of someone to them this is the way to voice their feelings and expression.

sauti dressing


This time round the victims who fell pray of K.O.T is Sauti Sol; one of the most celebrated Kenyan boy bands on the continent and the world who members- Savaraga Mudigi, Austin Chimano, Bien Aime and Polycarp Otieno pulled a rather strange fashion move by dressing in what was seemingly seen as mosquito nets something that got the attention of K.O.T and the went ahead sending mockery tweets to ridicule the boy band. Here are some of the tweets sampled below

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gish___:Nakumbuka nikiwa Highschool nilikuwa nakata Mosquito net natumia kuoga nayo”

“@Buggz79 Stylist: What look are you going for? Sauti Sol: We’re thinking anti mosquito & omena capture compliant.

“@Kawira :Sauti sol could be on the prowl for an endorsement deal with Kanye’s Yeezy & we’re just here hating. …what’s with that dress code though?”


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