Award winning Kenyan gospel rapper Maluda blasts Radio presenter.


By now I believe we all know who Maluda is right? Okay for those who don’t well Maluda also known as Tony Maluda is Kenyan gospel hiphop artist.

He has proven both his lyrical prowess as well as his talent to spit on the mic and he ranks amongst the few gospel acts who came actually stand by their actions, and when I say actions I mean artist who walk the talk and vice versa.

Having started the year on high note by winning the prestigious East African premier gospel awards, Groove Award for his song “Easy” that featured non other than “Utawala’s” hit maker Jiliani.

Maluda is also the guy who ended the war between other self proclaimed Kings of hiphop in the highly contested debate over “Who is King?” that took the world of social media by storm last year when he dropped a track dubbed “Glory to the King” featuring Kayvo KForce earlier this year.

Funny you will say how came a gospel artist is associated with secular acts? but wait listen to his content and believe me Maluda is a born again Christian and just like many hiphop stars out their in the gospel industry challenges are many.

In a facebook post on Maluda’s page the rapper explained how a Radio personality think of him as a “rapping Willy Paul” just because he does gospel hiphop, he wrote.


“It’s amazing how certain radio personalities treat Christians who RAP once they know you are a Christian and you RAP they automatically think you are a rapping WILY PAUL (no shade to Willy Paul I love his music) some of us have gone toe to toe with their best and we’ve proven to be just as good if not better.

Judge the quality of music after listening to it.

HIPHOP has no religion telling us it’s not a gospel show doesn’t make sense we are hiphopers who happen to be Christians” Maluda explained.

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Well I have to agree with Maluda on this one, we tend to judge music by the genre on not the content, turn on the reggea, jazz or ragga beat and that sound is automatically disqualified as gospel song.

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