A new dawn in the game of hiphop as the Era of Frobo begins.

Frobo is easily the freshest hip-hop artist in the game, as he cuts across as the quintessential hip-hop enigma, churning rhyme after rhyme, with a flow too cool and too fast to even find a comparison…It takes an individual to start a movement and for Frobo, he is that individual that delivers hit after hit, rhymes and the tightest flow seen this side of the hemisphere.
Inspired by the lyrical prowess of Tupac, Notorious B.I.G,Kanye West,Joey Bada$$,Kendrick Lamar, Drake, E-sir and other hip hop legends. Frobo has managed to cut his own style and establish his own brand of music that others would find hard not to bump heads to,hoping to double up as an executive at SwaggCity studios as the newest face of hip-hop.

Frobo with Ophans at Nazarene, Soweto.

Being in the rap game for almost 2 years now possessing an undeniable talent for storytelling,Frobo’s focus quickly changed to rapping, dedicating countless hours in the studios where he began churning out records which resulted in the 2014 internet smush “She Twerking”.

Beginning tobmake his mark in Nairobi, his third music video ” Hands in the Air” which featured hiphop heavyweight Khaligraph Jones became a hood favorite and solidified the start of a promising career for Frobo.
Rapper Frobo also dedicated a song to the Late Fidel which is the most succesful song so far reaching over 25,000 views on Youtube,his very new song with when music called amazing grace was beat of the week back in October 2015.

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Topping the cake Frobo is a humanitatian too, he recently opened his own orphanage in the slums of Soweto in Kayole.
Recently Frobo dropped a remix to Kanye West’s hit song “No More Parties in L.A” which saw the rapper address how he was conned by some lady that he met when they decided to go out and party and the lady robbed him his valuables after spiking his drink hence the release of “No More Parties in Westi”.