3 Best Bluetooth Earbuds for listening to Music while Running.

Bluetooth Music

When it comes to running and listening to music, you need headphones or earbuds that feel comfortable but won’t budge no matter what terrain you’re running on. In the past when trying out active headphones, I’ve come across two major problems: they fall out or the added bulk to keep them in place hurts my ears. If a pair of active earbuds have neither of these problems, I look for added features and am particularly drawn to those with Bluetooth capability. Here’s my list of the three best Bluetooth-enabled earbuds for running.

JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds

Not only are these earbuds great for running, they’re made to be completely active-proof. That means they’re splashproof, sweat-proof, and washable. The earbuds come with plenty of different gel tip sizes to ensure they work with all ears. They offer up to 10 hours of playback time with crystal clear sound in an ergonomic design and costs $99.99(Current local exchange rates apply).

Bluetooth Music

Jaybird X2

Jaybird’s Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are on nearly every list for top running headphones. The X2 model provides up to 8 hours of battery life and are sweat-proof for your most intense workouts. The earbuds include multiple different tips and wings for the perfect fit. A unique feature of the earbuds is the ability to adjust the cord and lift it off your neck for versatility and goes for $179.99(Current local exchange rates apply).

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Bluetooth Music

Jabra Sport Pulse

These are quit costy at 199.99(Current local exchange rates apply) built for US military rain, shock, dust, and sand standards, the Jabra Sport Pulse stands out among the crowd of options. On our list, the Jabra Sport Pulse has the least amount of battery life at 5 continuous hours of play. However, the earbuds pair with their own app while the earbuds listen to your heartbeat during your workout to ensure your training is the best heart rate zone. In-ear coaching even provides real-time feedback for workout optimization.

Bluetooth Music